Available courses

This course is meant to provide all the basic documentation regarding FIESTA-IoT. This should be used as a "Getting Started" guide for the FIESTA-IoT newcomers. Within this course you can find:

  • An overall description of FIESTA-IoT Project
  • Details on the 4 in–house testbeds
  • Details on the 3 in–house experiments

This course provides all information related to FIESTA-IoT for 3rd parties. This includes

  • A FIESTA-IoT Platform overview
  • Details on the FIESTA–IoT Security Framework
  • An extensive guide for 3rd party experimenters
  • An extensive guide for 3rd party testbed providers

This course provides a range of indispensable support services to the participants of the FIESTA-IoT Open Calls. It includes several kinds of information:

  • Documentation related to the available and federated testbeds
  • Guidelines on how prepare proposals for the upcoming FIESTA–IoT Open Calls
  • A submission mechanism for the Open Call proposals

This is a private course, available only for the winners of the FIESTA-IoT 1st Open-Call for Extensions.