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    FIESTA-IoT - Generic Information

    This section provides information regarding the FIESTA-IoT Project, such as:

    • Information regarding the FIESTA-IoT Platform;
    • Information regarding the in-house Testbeds;
    • Information regarding the in-house Experiments 

  • Open Call 2 - Extensions

    Extensions via Integration of new IoT testbeds.  In order to enlarge the critical mass of the existing experimentation support capacity offered by the 4 existing FIESTA-IoT testbeds, as well as to probe the interoperability solutions developed within the project, we are seeking new testbeds that can provide datasets and data-streams on the domains of interest of the existing ones. However, testbeds offering extra scenarios (smart agriculture, underwater, etc.) will be also considered for inclusion. Integration of the new testbeds should be accomplished in a maximum of 6 months. Per proposal a budget can be requested for up to a maximum of €50 k per extension.
  • Submission of Proposals for OC2