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    Open Call 4 - Experiments

    The FIESTA-IoT Project herewith announces its fourth Open Call for Experimenters. We target advanced and innovative developments, leveraging FIESTA-IoT's novel Experimentation as a Service (Eaas) platform built atop a federation of underlying IoT testbeds.

    Overall, FIESTA-IoT's experimental infrastructure provides experimenters in the IoT domain with the following unique capabilities:

    • Access to and sharing of IoT datasets in a testbed-agnostic way. FIESTA-IoT provides researchers with tools to access IoT data resources (including linked sensor data sets) independently of their source IoT platform/testbed.
    • Execution of experiments across multiple IoT testbeds, based on a single API for submitting the experiment and a single set of credentials (for the experimenter).
    • Portability of IoT experiments across different testbeds, through the provision of interoperable standards-based IoT/cloud interfaces over diverse IoT experimental facilities.

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