Guide for Experimenters

5 Reasoning

The FIESTA-IoT Reasoning component is an implementation of a semantic reasoner to work on top of the FIESTA−IoT platform. A semantic reasoning engine is a rule based engine that is able to infer logical consequences from a set of IoT measurements. In doing so, the FIESTA-IoT Reasoner simplifies the creation of rules, which are generated and stored in a rule repository. This component provides a set of API services and a User Interface (UI) for experimenters, making it easy to design and execute rules base on the Apache Jena open source framework[1]

The reasoning module can be used by experimenters to create notifications or alerts based on the rules that they set for specific types of measurements coming from the FIESTA-IoT testbeds. For example, the experimenters might set rules in the form of expressions “if (condition) then (result)” as below:

  • If (temperature) > (25degrees) then (notify_hot)
  • If (speed) < (30km/h) then (notify_traffic)
  • If (temperature) < (19degrees) and (humidity) > (60%) then (notify_unhealthy)