Guide for Experimenters

1 Experiment Management

1.4 Register a new experiment

FIESTA-IoT is currently offering a simple interface in order to Store, Update and delete experiments called Experiment Register Client. The Experiment Register Client can be found at the Experimenter menu of the FIESTA-IoT portal (see 1st Figure below).

The Experiment Register Client provides the ability to store an experiment at the FIESTA−IoT platform in the form of a FEDSpec. The defined FEDSpec could be as simple as a single service (FISMO) or as complex as multiple experiments (FEMOs). To upload a FEDSpec first one should identify the location of it by hitting the “Open FEDSpec” (see 2nd Figure below) and then by hitting the “Save FEDSpec” button. As soon as the FEDSpec is saved the included FEMOS appears in the available experiments list (FEMOS) as shown in 2nd Figure below. When uploading a FEDSpec the FEMO/FISMO IDs should be empty, as they will be automatically assigned by the system. 

By choosing, a FEMO from the User is capable to have a quick overview of it as shown in 3rd Figure below.

The tools provides also the ability to export a FEMO by hitting the “Export FEDSPEC” button after choosing the FEMO of interest from the provided list. The FEDSpec that will be exported will now contain the FEMO/FISMO IDs assigned from the FIESTA−IoT platform. This will give the Experimenter the ability to update the exported FEMO/FISMO by updating the XML file and saving it again to the Experiment Repository following the same process described above.