Guide for Experimenters

4 IoT-Registry API for Advanced Experimenters

In the previous section, we have showed the most straightforward way to define an experiment or application. It goes without saying that novel or non-technical users will feel more comfortable with it. Nonetheless, there is another option for advanced experimenters, who will be able to interact directly with the iot-registry.

As a matter of fact, this Meta-Directory, heart of the Fiesta−IoT Platform, is in charge of managing, storing and serving all the resource descriptions and observations (i.e. data streams) coming from the underlying testbeds. In order to open it outwards, we have defined a REST-based API, called iot-registry, which provides the set of interfaces that enables the access to the information held by the FIESTA-IoT federation of testbeds.

During the implementation of the IoT-Registry we have tried to follow the CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) approach as much as possible, but in order to provide a more user-friendly interface, some of the functionalities are not fulfilling this philosophy. The REST web-service implemented is accepting and returning RDF documents in various formats, like JSON-LD, N3, RDF/XML, CSV, plain text, n-quads, etc.

An interactive documentation of this IoT-Registry API can be found in the following link: