Fiesta-IoT Security Framework

1 User registration

In order to use any FIESTA-IoT service or tool, regardless of the future role within the system (i.e. FIESTA-IoT administrator, testbed administrator, experimenter or observer), a user must first sign up to the FIESTA-IoT platform as a regular user. Attempting to access FIESTA-IoT resources while not logged in will redirect the user to the FIESTA-IoT’s authentication Portal (as shown in the 1st Figure). Assuming that you have not been registered yet, you will need to create a new account. For this, just click the “Create an account” link that you can see below the “LOG IN” button. Then, you will see what is shown in 2nd Figure.

Here, you have to provide a valid e-mail address through which you can acknowledge the subscription. Likewise the typical confirmation mail, you will have to click onto a link that will forward you to the definitive registration interface where you can create your username and password for logging in to FIESTA-IoT and providing information about the type of user role you seek, along with your contact information. All personal information is stored in compliance with privacy regulations, and is not used for purposes beyond the operation of the FIESTA-IoT platform.

Once the sign-up process has been successfully completed, you can sign in to the FIESTA-IoT platform and start using the set of tools and services that are described in the next sections.