Guide for Extensions

1 Getting aligned with FIESTA-IoT’s semantic data models

When it comes to put your testbed into the FIESTA-IoT federation, it is deemed necessary to get aligned to the data model (i.e. ontology) we have defined under the umbrella of the whole project. Otherwise, you will not be able to put your data into our repositories, since it will not pass the validation stage (nor the testbed registration module beforehand). As a direct consequence, as a testbed administrator, you will have to undertake the role of adapting your datasets into the semantically annotated formats that have been shaped up in our project.

Before going any further, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the ontology’s webpage and the deliverable responsible for digging into its depths: (FIESTA-IoT D3.1, 2016).

Moreover, we include herewith the raw graph that depicts the ontology: