Guide for Extensions

4 Certification Suite

4.3 Get the certification

After having passed all the three assessment/tests, you are directed to the certification result page as shown in the following figure:

Print your certification

If you do not have all the three tests passed, i.e. if you see a red or yellow flag rather than a green one, you can still click the button to print the report, but it will not be considered as a valid certification to be able to join Fiesta−IoT platform. 

Once all the tests are passed, you need to click on the blue button “Print certification report” to get your certificate in PDF format and send it to the FIESTA-IoT support team ( In this e-mail you can ask for your account to be upgraded to Testbed Admin so that you have the rights to continue with the registration of your testbed and resources. In this e-mail, apart from the PDF file with your certificate, you have to include the username of the account you want to be upgraded. Note that for the moment, there is a limit of one account with Testbed Admin rights per testbed.