Guide for Extensions

1 Getting aligned with FIESTA-IoT’s semantic data model

1.2 M3-lite taxonomy alignment phase

An essential part of the solution we have brought about is the gathering of the set of capabilities covered between the four heterogeneous testbeds, giving rise to a taxonomy that spans different types of sensing devices, all the quantity kinds, units of measurement and domains of interest of the different sensing devices (i.e. sensors).

As we have mentioned before, it is strongly recommended to go over this taxonomy and double check that all your assets actually match the concepts that we have already defined in the taxonomy. Despite covering a wide range of sensor types and domains of interest, you might have a subset that we have not contemplated so far. In such a case, the first thing you would have to do is to inform us, detailing the needs, in order to let us know your requirements. With this information, we would be able to modify the taxonomy and append needed concepts.