Guide for Extensions

1 Getting aligned with FIESTA-IoT’s semantic data model

1.3 FIESTA-IoT Amendment proposals

As can be easily inferred from the two previous sections, the solution we propose for the semantic annotation of IoT resources might not fulfil everybody’s needs.

Recall that the ontology is a living entity and is prone to be modified during the project lifetime. As such, your testbed might have some elements that have not been envisaged or covered within a stable version of FIESTA-IoT ontology. In that case, we would need to upgrade it in order to suit them. Then, what you would have to do is to contact us in order to double check whether your proposed changes are worth modifying the picture or not. In essence, these changes might belong either to the ontology itself or to the m3-lite taxonomy, where these latter ones pertain to the concepts of quantity kinds, units of measurement or domains of interest.

The following list represents the fields that you have to fill for every element you want to bring to the ontology/taxonomy:

  • Need: Type of entity/class/concept you are about to define.
  • Legacy FIESTA-IoT: In case your proposal matches with any concept in FIESTA-IoT ontology, specify it.
  • Name: Your proposed concept name.
  • Comment: Provide a description of the concept that you are proposing.
  • SubclassOf: If the element is a subclass of any other, specify its parent. Otherwise, we assume that you inherit from ssn:SensingDevice (as most of the proposals will have to do with updates to the taxonomy) for the sensor, qu:QuantityKind for quantity kinds, qu:Units for Units and m3-lite:DomainOfInterest for domain of interest.
  • rdfs:isDefinedBy or rdfs:seeAlso. Provide any existing reference to your proposal in case you have borrowed the concept from another existing ontology.
  • Justification for addition: Provide justification on why do you need it and if there is a near match in the Taxonomy.

Apart from the list above, in case you do want to make any change to the ontology, you have to provide also a modified picture of it including your stuff and the way it is connected with the rest of the classes. This would help us identify and determine whether its addition can be integrated or not.

Last, but not least, this is an exercise that shall be done in the initial phase of your 6 months. Thus, we have set a deadline till which you can send us your proposals.