Guide for Extensions

7 Testbed Configuration management

7.1 Discovery and Selection

In the Discovery tab, select the testbed that you would like the TPI/DMS to interact with.

As soon as the tool opens it identifies the user and automatically searches for Testbeds bound with the logged-in User ID. The available testbeds are listed at the Testbed dropdown list of the tool’s Discovery tab (see 2nd Figure below).

When a testbed is chosen, the registered resources appear at the resource list where the user can select in order to proceed with their data retrieval scheduling (see 2nd Figure above and 3rd Figure below) by hitting next.

The next step is to select the Resources that are to be scheduled. 

If all Resources are to be selected, make sure that you scroll through the whole list to make sure that all resources have been loaded into the list.

Use the arrowed buttons to move the Resources from the available list to the selected list. Once the Resources are selected, proceed to the Schedule tab.