Guide for Extensions

5 Testbed & Resource registration

5.3 Register Devices Manually

When registering devices manually, the user must select a testbed (IRI) for which he/she wants to register devices manually (see 1st Figure).

After selecting the registered testbed IRI, user clicks on ‘Register Devices manual’ button and a form is displayed (see 2nd Figure).

Where the different field to fill in are the following ones:

  • Sensor ID. This is the URI with which you internally identify the testbed devices.
  • Latitude and Longitude. These are the GPS coordinates of your device. If this is a mobile device, then use representative ones (e.g. bus depot for device installed on a bus).
  • QuantityKind. This is the phenomena observed by the sensor.
  • Unit of Measurement. This is the unit used for the sensor observations.

After this, users can click the Save button to complete the devices manual registration process. Upon success, the user will return back to the main options window of ‘Register Resources’ (see 3rd Figure below).

You can confirm that the sensor description has been correctly stored at the Fiesta−IoT Platform semantic repository by making the following HTTP Request:


/iot-registry/api/testbeds/1B2F37ZYQ.../resources HTTP/1.1


iPlanetDirectoryPro: AQIC5wM2LY4SfcwEw_Jg.......

Use the path found when registering your testbed and the appropriate Host. Note that a valid SSO Token has to be previously obtained and added to the request.

The result should be a list of the Sensor IDs that you have already registered.