Guide for Extensions

4 Certification Suite

In order to succeed your certification process and get a valid certificate, you need to prepare your FIESTA-IoT account and your testbed before you can start pushing data to our platform.

  1. certification process must be conducted with your FIESTA-IoT account. This account makes the proof of the identity of the testbed under certification. If you do not have one yet, please refer to section 3 to get one
  2. The output data must be semantically annotated using the FIESTA-IoT ontology. You need also to be aware of the serialization format of your semantic data (i.e. RDF/XML, JSON-LD) and be able to extract one sample of your data stream which constitute a stand-alone semantic-annotated piece of information (i.e. with requested prefix used in the annotation, complete data graph). This “stand-alone” sample need to pass the ontology validation to make your certification process progress
  3. You must implement at least one of the four TPS API methods and the endpoint must be accessible for FIESTA−IoT platform. This is crucial for FIESTA-IoT to get data from your testbed. For more information of the TPS, please refer to section 4.3 and the sample code.