Guide for Extensions

7 Testbed Configuration management

This section will guide you on how to enable the transmission of observations from your testbed to the FIESTA platform. The TPI configurator is a tool in the Fiesta−IoT Platform portal that is used for the configuration of observation retrieval from the testbed. This in turn controls the Data Management Service (DMS) that directly interacts with a testbeds Testbed Provider Service (TPS) on how they will interact with each other. This could be in the form of several patterns, mainly either through polling the testbed, or the testbed pushing to the platform. This will be dependent on what TPS interface(s) have been implemented by the testbed provider.

To start the process, the FIESTA-IoT web portal must be accessed by an authorised testbed provider. In the menu panel, the TPI configurator should be selected

In the TPI configurator page, there are 3 tabs:

  • Discovery – is used to select the resources of a testbed(s) that were registered in the IoT registry.
  • Schedule – is used to select the TPS interface for the testbed and define the schedule for the DMS to interact with it.
  • Status – this will list the current schedules that are being executed.